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Feb 17, 2023
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8 minutes ago
Guinot help needed.I only discovered this site recently, ironic because I actually retired a few years ago. I will be 70 this year, so it wasn't before time ! I joined this site because I miss salon life and want to stay in touch with the industry.

I kept my Hydradermie machine, but no longer have a Guinot account since I retired. I still carry out Hydradermie Lift on myself, but was running out of products. I cant buy from Guinot now, so I looked online and bought from someone on eBay 🤫 I bought three Hydradermie products, Yeux, Cou Buste Décolleté and Oxygenante. The tubes look totally authentic, but the back is mostly Arabic with French, however, the products don't seem right. I always found Yeux to be a clear blue, Cou Buste to be green, these are a white milky substance. The Oxygenante is a slightly runnier consistency than I'm used to. Could someone currently using Guinot please tell me if the products have changed colour or consistency since I retired ? Do I have fake products or am I out of touch with the products ? I've attached some photos. The genuine Oxygenante is on the right of my hand, the other is on the left of my hand. I would really appreciate someone's help


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They may not be fake but just old? The small figure on the tube not the bar code was supposed to give the year date it was made. You could have a look. The Oxygenanet is white and slightly runny. My eye and neck gel are milky white no green. Also the tubes these days come with an expiry date on the seam line at the end of the tube not the end with the cap. They seem to have a four year expiry time. Not sure if this helps?

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