Rio airbrush tanning?


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Apr 6, 2005
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Hi, my mum got thwe rio airbrush tanning kit from a friend, but before she tries i thought i would check if anyone has tried it and what does it turn out like? x
Its RIO - I personally wouldnt touch anything of that make with a bargepole - not trying to sound abrupt here, but surely you have seen MANY other threads about Rio products? :green:

Give it a go on yourself - see what result you get, but please dont go out and use it on paying clients!!:!::hug:
Rio is Naff, Nuff said lol!!
Tell your mum to save any embarrassment and go to her local salon for a spray tan :)
Don't let your mum waste her time and effort, and advise her to go and get it done professionally instead.
I will be brave and admit that i have tried it (another useless gift from OH lol)
honestly it is cr*p , the colour makes your skin look really dirty and the system that you get with the kit is nothing but trouble, have a go and have a laugh but wash it off before the colour takes or you will regret it hun :hug:

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