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Jul 31, 2013
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How much should I be charging someone to rent a room at my salon, I am renting one to someone at the moment but when i say how much i am renting it for people think i'm charging way to low! please make suggestions based on info provided below - Thank you in advance xx

We are a tanning & beauty Salon, Based in Caterham, Surrey which is a fairly wealthy area.

we help to manage her diary and book appointments they have own keys and access to entire salon and facilities.

We also have a basement that we use for pamper parties and the therapist wants to use it for a whole day for treatments should I be charging for this...

I am very friendly with her and don't want to rock the boat but at the end of the day I want my salon to be successful at the same time and the rent on our premises is high also.... HELP! x

i have spoken to others and seen room rentals up for rent at around £30 a day or £100+ a week. For the extra room in the basement i would charge an hourly rate on top of this which could be anything from £5-£10 an hour.

hope that helps
Thank you so much I have seen some prices that I think are far too expensive but also to give an idea the person is earning a lot in a week.... I just wouldn't want to take the micky out of someone especially as they are so hard working!

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