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May 4, 2012
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Hi all im new to the nail industry and am sourcing suppliers at the mo. Ive seen on here a lot about sallys beauty so googled it and lots of websites came up. Could some please give me there full website, many thanks in advance. Also how would u rate their products and services and any othe suppliers u use would b appreciated.
hiya, their website is Sally Express | by Sally Salon Services - Professional Hairdressing and Beauty Supplies they are VERY over-priced though and if you order online, they don't always have what you want in stock but will still charge you for it, then when you receive your order (like i did) there will be a note saying "sorry xx wasn't in stock, we will send it to you as soon as it is" so if you need anything urgently, dont bother.

its ok for a one-off convenience thing, but i wouldnt buy with them unless i absolutely HAD to and was running low on something. sometimes its just easier to nip in there and grab something. They don't always have the stock in store that you want either! I think its going downhill! xx
i am not sure what nail stuff you need, whether it be gels, liquid & powder, or a power polish, but what I can say is Welcome - Sweet Squared are absolutely fab and are proper suppliers for CND. They advertise on their website if something isn't in stock, and if you have the money, I would maybe advise to do a conversion course with them (not that i have been yet but would love to once i save up the money)! xx
Any help please ;-)

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Sorry dont know whats going on with my phone it didnt register ur replies till just now. Im setting up mobile gellish and shellc and nail wraps. So manni table etc

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Its VAT free day tomorrow in sallys x
I'm new to nails too but I actually quite like Sallys and my customers love the products I get from there. I get some of my OPI nail polish from there too if I need the odd bottle, saves delivery from Lena White, although their range is limited. However, I have to agree with the stock issue, the shelves are usually quite bare but I have always maanged to get what I need so far. Also, the VAT free days every month save you a few quid! If you're into nail art, I can highly recommend Nail Delights too!! Hth. xx
Thanks for your replies
Also try ellisons think min order is only £50 for free delivery !
And salonsdirect I use them a lot :) just google them

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