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Sep 19, 2010
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Hey I have a big electric bed in my salon and am looking at buying a new hydraulic one which is like a chair bed I only use it for waxing and facials and iappeal ;) does anyone know a good bed or am I best staying with a normal style bed ? Please help
Sorry bumping this up anyone ?? X
You must have spent a good deal on your electric couch? Why do you want to down grade? X
I think it has seen better days lol space saving as when not using put into a chair in the corner and no awkward wires lol x
Ive seen some good ones in the Ellisons catalogue when I ordered mine & the service is great x
I will take a look thank you very much x I need to get whatever I decide to guernsey lol and no where likes to deliver ;(
Oooh Guernsey! My friends run a fitness camp over there called storm force :)
Oh a few of my clients attend that I would love to but no time with 2 kids a partner my own salon and now a puppy lol. X I have heard its amazing
Small world! The last time I visited them I went to beauty box for a pedi. At least you'll get it tax free x
Aww the beauty box they are lovely there a real treat bless them x yeah tax free but omg postage costs more than make up for it ;( was told one piece of equipment I wanted would cost £500 to get here ;(
Wowzer... I think there's another thread going on right now about a pedi chair/couch? I'll see if I can paste it x
Sound thank you x
Aww thank you I shall take a look, thinks for your help x

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