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Jul 1, 2013
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Does anyone have the salon master water heater just want to know if it's worth the money.
Hi I have one and its fine! Mine is smaller one for 2 basins.
Do you do a lot of colour work? What amount of water does it hold
To be honest I'm not sure. I ordered it from capital and if you look on their website they have different sizes depending on how many basins etc so Inwoukd suggest having a look on there to see what's best for you.
My stylist forgot to switch them on today until I came in at 1pm and noticed but she had had no probs with the water, it was still hot from yesterday!
Mine runs cold if u have 2 ppl to shampoo one after each other which is why I'm worried. I need this by the sounds then

Great piece of kit we used to struggle on busy days for hot water since the salon master was installed never had an issue.
Was considering a shower unit or a salon master it does just worry me
Hi there,
I have a salon master.
It is a bit of a beast in the back room :eek:.....with hind sight, I think I could have got away with a smaller size.
I got the 3 element, and I've never had to use more than 2!

It's on a I don't have to think about turning it on/off.:)

In a previous premises, I had an electric shower, fitted to the wall.
Don't know why, but I had a few go BANG on me....hence my decision to go with a SM.:cool:
I'm only a very small salon with 3 chairs and one wash basin so hopefully I'll get away with a small one
What about an instantaneous water heater?
Go straight for the salon master.

We have 2 basins and used a general water heater. On busy days we often ran out of hot water.

Since our Salon Master it has never ever happened again.
I'm getting the salon master would rather the bigger outlay and it be perfect then keep spending money like I am have only been in a week and already hate the system I have
I have a 50l unvented boiler and the pressures perfect and water is hot all day long, small shower units never had enough pressure, hope this helps!
Does anyone have the salon master water heater just want to know if it's worth the money.
Yes have just had one fitted and its very good
I'm defiantly getting one. Does it need 3 sockets ?
Couldn't live without ours! It's got us through 5 Christmass and is little maintenance xx

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