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Scott D

Jan 29, 2004
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Hi all, Where has the first year gone, Scratch magazine is nearly a year old, so I just wanted to thank you all for your support. You make this industry what it is and without you, the UK nail scene would not be where it is today, so a massive thank you to you all.

Although the issues are getting bigger and better giving you tons more information the Scratch subscription fee will remain at £30.00 for a full years subscription this can now be ordered online so log on and sign up it, we look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck and happy reading.
Thanks to all at Scratch for the last year - its a brill mag and I really look forward to it dropping through my letterbox every month.

Hi Shazza Thanks for your compliments, and we look forwad to delivering you many more.
Hi Scott,

Received my first ever issue in the post yesterday and read it from cover to cover. Its brill, well done
I receive Scratch and another nail tech mag and the time has come to choose which one to stay with for the next year.............its going to be Scratch!! Keep it up you guys you've got a great formula there!

Hiya Scott and congratulations on your first year :cool:
I subscribe to Nails at the moment, But Alex sent me a copy of Scratch and yes you guessed, I was very impressed so i will now have to find £60 a year :lol:
I have also just subscribed the mag!
Great news sorry for not getting back to you sooner, getting ready for the show, and have just closed the April issue.
Hi Sharon

That is fantastic news, thank you so much, I hoe we keep you reading I will pas on your kind words to the rest of the team.

Keep Smiling we know what you ar doing

Thanks Leseley however am afraid to say £66.00 I undersatnd that Nails have increased their subscription rate from £24.00 to £36.00. I hoe that does not put you off of subscribing to Scratch, take care and we look forward to hearing from you.

This is great you all love it, thank you it does mean so much to Alex and I.
Hi Scott

I received my free copy from Alex and could not put it down:)
You will be receiving my £30 at Olympia
Hi loraine

Great news look forward to seing you there, dont forget to pick up your free sub.
Scott D said:
Hi loraine

Great news look forward to seing you there, dont forget to pick up your free sub.

hiya Scott,
Whats this free sub :rolleyes:
Dont want to miss out on anything
Great Mag. Congrats to you all!

V.Good to finally find an unbiased nails magazine. Nice to read about ALL the different systems out there,instead of just the one!
Keep up the good work!
Thanks Lucy for your comments, its great to get your eed back, but also want to hear if there is anything else you want to se Alex and I have a few new and exciting ideas for the second year so keep reading.

Let me see...... Your both doing a great job as it is...But you know what? Ive read about these company profiles that you've done over the last year (fantastic reading it is too). How about we learn more about you lot at Scratch, maybe it's your turn to take a bow. I've heard your designer guy has quite an impressive portfolio!!
or maybe you should visit the suppliers, not the distributors.
All the same keep up the great work.
P.S Watch out for the "Walkers"
Scott, I adore Scratch.

However, I noticed in the last copy there were an awful lot of advertisements. I was slightly disapointed because I was looking forward to reading some good articles.

Then it occured to me this was probably because it's leading up to Olympia. Is this the case? If so then I completley understand, and obviously that would make good sense. If it is just a new look though, (which it probably isn't) then I would prefer to see more articles like before.

I hope I haven't offended in any way because I really do like the magazine, and wouldn't want my monthly sub to arrive ripped up! :lol: :lol:

Thank You

Victoria x
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