Scratching the nail plate, help please!


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May 9, 2012
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Hi all your advice please! I purchased a cuticle pusher from sallys yesterday it has a pusher spoon shape one end and a square scraper the other. I tried it on myself and im sure i was scratching my nail plate:confused: is there a certain angle to hold it so this doesnt happen? i kept trying diferent ways but still felt it was taking nail plate not cuticle so bit worried to use it on anyone else! ive just been using orange stick and cuticle knife untill now. Thanks
Hi Sweetie, are you doing it dry? iykwim
It can scratch then, just dip it into a little water if you are only doing a cuticle tidy and polish. If doing more, then use your cuticle remover as a lubricant. Also you have to hold the tool fairly flat so the edges are parallel to the nail rather than coming in from the top and scratching.( Horizontal rather than vertical) You have to gently tease the cuticles and dead tissue from the nail rather than poking at it. hope this makes sense. Above all gently does it at all times. If something really sticks add more remover and wait.
Same problem with that damn pusher. Thanks for the advice. I want to get a flatter one really, anyone recommend any good ones cause the one mentioned above i do not like at all x
Most of our best tools are derived from the dental industry but are modified for our purpose eg. The edges are dulled to make them more nail plate friendly.

What you are describing is most likely a sharp bladed edge digging in and cutting up nail plate layers

If what you have been supplied is too sharp I have had success (on some tools) by dulling the edge with abrasives (nail files) starting rough to take the edge off and working down till you smooth and round the shape and it feels more gentle to use...

As Envy said. I've had to file the edges of all my metal tools to blunt them a little as I am too heavy handed naturally and it made a huge difference for me.
Thanks every1 for your help! I have tried filing the edge a bit and that seems 2 have workedin making it a bit less scratchy and also making sure I keep it parallel with nail. Thanx again u lot are so helpful :)

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