Sculpting nails for nail biters


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Oct 30, 2003
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United States, North Carolina
Good day one and all. I am new to posting on the nail geek, but not new to reading posts from each of you. I am currently in school to obtain my nail license and must say I am very EXCITED!!! :D I have been exploring with nails for about 16 years, but finally decided to do something about this passion I have and pursue a career as a Certified Nail Technician! (applause :D ) Anyway, this is the question that I have. If anyone can help, I will be ever so appreciative! How do you sculpt a nail bed for nail biters before actually sculpting the nail. This is something that is discussed in Milady, but I am not totally "feeling" the procedure for this. I tried it on a friend that is a nail biter and the results were not so good :( . Thank goodness she was a good spirit about me using her as a guinea pig.. :) Anyway, any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
F. Lee-Gainey
Leighton Denny has a video out that demonstrates how to do this, it's very good! :D Think you can buy it at
From personal experience, sculpting nail biters is not something I would do or we would teach to do. Why :?: Becasue you are applying L+P to skin to create a base to sculpt on to - that can only lead to over-exposure in the long run which can then cause allergic reactions :rolleyes: I would use a Formation tip (or whatever products you use) and a 'gap filling' adhesive such as Gelbond. I would adhere the tip - keep it short and using Perfect White, place my smile where it should be naturally and NOT where the clients smile really is... apply Perfect Pink in zone 2+3 and BANG - a nail biter with a pretty enhancement. Don't make them long at all or your client will break them within days - short and sweet will allow her to get used to enhancements. Later after a couple of re-balances, she will be able to have them longer :thumbsup:
Thanks for the input.
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