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Jan 6, 2007
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I recently had to give up the gel course i was doing as i was having really bad reactions when practicing but after a few experiments i now know its the glue I'm allergic to, so I'm thinking I'd like to start a course in sculpting and would just like a couple of peoples opinions on if it would be worth it with just been able to offer sculpted nails etc
thanks! :green:
I think you could have a very successful business only offering sculpted nails.

Which adhesive were you using?

It may be that there are other adhesives which you would not have a reaction to.

There are certain nail styles which are not suited to sculpting - in these cases you may be fine if you use gloves whilst working on these clients.
Absolutly it is deffo worth it, 80% of my work is sculpts, and there is so many things u can do with them give it a go u wont be dissapointed HTH
Thanks a lot for your reply, i've used all different adhesives and also tried wearing gloves and a mask but i always have a very bad reaction with asthma etc which is why i would only be able to offer the sculpting
go for it!
all i know is that i've been doing sculpted nails for so many years i've lost track!
that is 100 % of the time.
try it, i think you'll love it!

My Nails Rock!
i love sculpting too and have got quicker so i can do a full set in just over an hour!

good luck xxxxxxxxx
same here with the better times!
i've even gotten it down to about 45 minutes when pushed!

My Nails Rock!
CRIKEY under an hour for a full set of sculpts!!! thats good... buttell me.. does anyone here use pinching tubes to get that lovely c curve???
Sculpter here is well... havent met a nail yet that I could not sculpt on or off... I use a combination of re-usable teflon forms, disposible forms, and am developing a form similar to the acra-c form (since its no longer possible to buy them!) there is a market for sculpted nails.. sculpting is also more rewarding I find, but then I am the artistic type lol (and times are great with sculpting 1.15 is around adverage)

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