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Day in and day out the year moves on and the moods of salon staff and your customers grow weary. What can one do to help lift the moods of the employees and the customers? How can you keep your salon fresh and fun… a haven that clients look forward to coming to as the seasons change?

To harness the power of the season… you must become one with the season.

The ol Service Menu

Spring. Possibly my most favourite season of the year (maybe because here in jolly ol England its something we haven’t had here since WWII) and one in which people start to buzz and feel good.
Coats come off, skirts come up, and smiles shine bright. Add some spring into your service menu with light and colourful treatments that brighten the nails and exfoliate the dry coldness of winter.
Simple manicures can be enhanced with a quick trip to the florist for a large bunches of spring flowers. Drop petals within the water soak, or infuse them with steamed towels or paraffin wax to add a colourful aroma to the experience.
Enhancements will tend toward the classic Forever French to shear iridescent hues that lend some fun and youth to the hand.

Summer. The sun beats down as more skin is seen. Laughter and fun cool the day while your clients become more active. Make your menu reflect the shade and create an experience that cools and refreshes the hands and feet.
Manicure in a Lemon-Aid summer soak by submerging chunks of sliced lemon in cool water with your manicure. Make sure you cool down the feet with Marine Masque. For an extra cool touch, wrap fresh spearmint leaves with the feet after applying Marine Masque and before wrapping the feet in a towel.
Enhancements will generally go shorter during this time as your clients become more active in their day to day…um…day. Forever French will lower only slightly in popularity while clients mix and match strong vibrant colours on their fingers and their toes.

Autumn. The trees turn red, school kicks in and the string of fall parties begin. Take advantage of the colour and mood of the season to enhance your service menu.
Think reds, rust, and yellow. Nail may still linger in the active arena but many will tend to begin to go longer.
Clients will begin to go with full coverage enamels to bring themselves into the mood of the season.

Winter. Outside the temperature drops, snow begins to fall (unless again… your in the UK… in that case its most likely sleet… and that will have been falling since June.) people seek warm and comfortable atmospheres.
Manicuring and pedicuring are a must for such cold drying weather.
Ensure your customers’ hands are as beautiful as their enhancements by adding a Spa Rebalance option to your service menu. Finnish your regular rebalance by incorporating a massage with Exfoliating Crystals and Crystal Activator and paraffin or steamed towels to ensure your clients’ skin is exfoliated and fresh.

Ways to increase customer count?

Word of mouth is the strongest and fastest way to increase your customer base. Harness the power of the gob by rewarding referrals with personalized mini-experiences.
Both the referrer and the referee should benefit for taking the time to promote your talents so a small thanks with goodies like free colour changes or Mini-exfoliating massages included with rebalances are the perfect gift that keeps them giving.
Promote returns and seasonal freshness by entering your clients name and the referees name into a seasonal drawing where they can win gift baskets of the latest colour collections and free treatments. This is also an excellent way to cross sell other salon services.

Motivating the staff without the use of a staff.

Motivate staff by giving them things they crave. Whether it’s based on new clients acquired, most retail sold, good hygiene, or combinations of all of the above, give them a night out at the drive in during the summer, an hour free massage with Bertha the Swedish Mud Wrestling Massage Champion in winter. A cosy dinner for two to some new hot restaurant in the autumn and in the spring, do something fun and fresh like giving them all expenses paid month long holiday at the Ritz in Paris (though I’d say they would have to sell quite a bit to win that one.)

Motivate the salon…

Seasonal staff motivators can greatly enhance the overall feeling in the salon which can benefit both the staff and the clientele.
Reserve an hour a week where you rotate a guest in the salon based on the season.
In the summer, hire a yoga instructor every Wednesday at 8am where your staff can benefit themselves and each other by unwinding, stretching and loosening up for the day ahead.
In autumn, bring in a team motivator that can drum up energy and motivation within the group.
In winter, bring in local educators to help your staff bring their skill level up and their time down.
In spring as the days brighten, share the brightness to those less fortunate and sponsor a fund raising charity that promotes a feeling of teamwork and goodwill while generating interest and PR.

There are countless ways to harness the seasons to work for you in your salon. It always pays dividends to get creative and keep your salon seasonally fresh.
This is a great read lots of good ideas and if I ever have my own salon these are things I will be using to continue to have a happy salon and happy staff, I wish the nail salon I use would do this would make me go more often. Although I don't think I will be "Putting on the Ritz".
wow, i have printed this one!! it will be pinned on my wall to keep refering to!!!

how inspiring is that....i must say we can all feel as though we are going through the same routines over and over...but adding that little twist like flower petals or lemon chunks into a pedicure is a fab idea, and i love the yoga to start the day.

great ideas there sam.....thankyou

Fab read Sam :)
Wish I could work at this dream salon sounds fab :)

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