Setting up a salon

I’d like to set up my own salon in a few years
What’s the basics I need to know!

How much will I roughly need to save up for it? (£)
How much profit could I expect?
How much do I need to pay my staff?
How much can you charge someone to rent a chair or room? How does that work?
How many stuff do I really need?
How can I make myself well known?
What’s it like with competing salons near by?


Hi you would get some information from Business Gateway and do a business plan. How much you will need to save is entirely up to the size of your salon, how many rooms and what equipment and products you will use, insurances and advertising costs. The list goes on. I spent thousands to set up, it has to be something you really want to do as it’s hard at times, you have to work at building up a client base. It’s a rewarding job though as most people are happy to see you & grateful for the treatment you give them.
Good luck :)