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Sep 24, 2003
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hi my name is becki and m frm essex i have money in my bank to set up a nail and beauty shop ivefound a shop and am raring to go, BUT i need advise does anyone out there have a clue how to set up a new business and what i need to do. Everyone i phone really does not have the info i need help please. if any 1 can help please let me no a s a p as im going out of my head im msn if thats any good.
cheers in advance speak soon
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Jul 31, 2003
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Hi Becki

I have recently set up a nail business, in a shop that I already owned, but I can suggest the following as ways to help:

1. You must have a business plan, even if you are not borrowing money. You will need a business bank account, and the Busienss managers at Banks are very helpful. So I would arrange a free appointment with 1/2 and get their advice. They also do business plan outlines that you can use.

2. The business plan will show where youare getting your capital from, the ins/outs of the set up process. Your cash flow forecast and costs eg Buildings and Public LiabilityInsurance/membership of associations/stock/fixtures and fittings/telephone/gas/electric etc. This is important. You would also talk in this about your competitors and how you will get your market share (why should they come to you? What can you offer that is different). You should also do your own market research to check there is a need in your area (are the others always too full in their appts to take new people). You need to also plan your marketing campaign - adverts/leaflets/price lists/shop signs etc. They all have to pay for themselves.

Once you have done all this you will have loads of great info to make decisions. You will also need to contact your local council. Some require specific conditions for you to offer Nail Tech services. You must do this before!

Health and safety wise you should do risk assessments on the shop and products :!: :shock:

I'll stop there in case you know all this already!!!!! :D

I am sure the others on the site will have more info for you - but lastly TRAINING/TRAINING/TRAINING make sure you are well educated!

Love and luck
Lesleyx :p
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