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Nov 10, 2013
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Hi, I've recently had micro bond hair extensions fitted I paid quite a lot as the hair is mongolian, I've been using the salons own shampoo conditioner & oil but it's expensive & I use it up quite quickly. Can any one recommend a good shampoo & conditioner I can use. Thanks xx

Studio 58 do extension shampoo and conditioner x
MUK is amazing
Sulphate free is an absolute must with extensions. Good quality products usually mean you don't need much. I used Pureology with my extensions for years, it was lovely and a bottle lasted about 3 months
Dont forget you only need to wash your roots, the length gets washed when you rinse the suds down, also try not to wash everyday, if anything you can get an extra day out of it with some dry shampoo spray at the roots (again dont spray it on your lengths)

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I always use x-10 products and sell them too.
They are under £5 each or a kit of 4 products is around £15 online.

If you get desperate whilst waiting for delivery water down baby shampoo and conditioner.

Should only be washing hair 2-3 times a week at an absolute max. I wash mine once a week so don't go through too much product.
X-10 products are fab that's all I use you can pick up the kit for around £15 in salon services

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Ok thanks :) I wash my hair about 3 times a week cuz it gets so greasy :( I find I have to use more shampoo & conditioner cuz my hairs long x

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