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Nov 15, 2014
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Hi some advice please,
We are wanting to change our products within the salon what are the faves at the moment currently using tigi products and matrix shampoos etc. not keen on matrix. Tigi we like so may Not change there just thoughts and opinions really we were offered rusk as a freebie to try not impressed and have now been offered milkshake by another supplier anyone used this? Thanks
I love the Matrix biolage shampoo and conditioners, but didn't rate their styling products.

Tigi looks and smells great but sadly they sold us hairdressers out to the high street shops :( you can now get that on B n M cheap stores.

I like the Fudge range, does what it said on the tin
I had Redken for a while but didn't like the fact you had to have a minimum order.

Have you got a local wholesalers near you that you could just pop in and see what they have?

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