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Tracys Beauty

Serenity Beauty Boutique
Nov 4, 2007
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Hello everyone

I got my cnd lamp on Friday as I'm doing gelish trainning on the 30th of may and heard lots of good things about this lamp, I can't afford the gelish led lamp,

I am also now going to also offer shellac as i read they are different types of product and hopefully booking onto a course in 2 weeks, I have ordered a few bits from sweet squared to get me going and just one color to see how it goes on, purple purple, I can't wait to try it out,

How much extra would you charge on top of a manicure for shellac?

What are your favourite colours?

Thanks Tracy x x
Hi Tracy,
CND recommend adding 50% on top of your standard manicure price for Shellac services.

You are right that they are different products requiring different prep routines, search on here you'll find tons of info on them both.

Just wanted to check you have also picked up the base and top coats for Shlac too? I know you are just trying it out but you won't get a proper result from Shellac without base, colour and top costs. Enjoy-you'll be hooked! My favourite colour by a mile is Negligee (there are loads of threads on this too in the Shellac lover's group) xx
Thanks for the reply and yes got the base and top coat coming also,

Just got an email and I will be here soon,

I would like to get all the colours but will take me ages to get them all,

Tracy x

I know I felt like that when I started but just checked the other day and I'm only missing two or three now! If you look in the Shellac group there is a brilliant article about starting your collection. With just a few you can layer a LOT and come up with lots of combinations! (I've just spent the morning doing this :) )

Enjoy hon your collection will be filling up in no time xx
Thanks pixie, they came whoop whoop but the lid on the top coat wouldn't do up properly so I message them and the said to send it back for a replacement, I managed to get it done up by giving it a tight squeeze but seems ok but now tighter than the other but it will be ok I reckon,
I booked onto shellac training on the 26th of may and can't wait,

I did a set on my toe and they look great x

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