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Jul 1, 2011
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Hi Geeks

Ok i have client that is looking for a dark navy colour in shellac. i know shellac dont do a navy so what two colours could i layer to make navy??

All advice appreciated thank you:biggrin:
Hiya, blackpool x 2 then 1 coat of negligee is a nice navy xx.
Thanks so much Sarah , i will try this later :) x
I wore that combination and it was lovely :-D I also read on here a couple of days ago that two coats of Blackpool and one thin coat of Purple Purple also comes out as a royal/navy blue colour. I can't wait to take my current Shellac off so I can try it :)
thanks dianne :) i tried blackpool and purple purple the other day but came out more like a deep purple but then again i only put one coat of blackpool on so ill try this also thanks for the advice :biggrin:
Blackpool x 2 beau x 1 makes a lovely navy colour

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