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Oct 14, 2014
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Hi there
Does anyone else find the pale pinks really annoying to paint for instance the new be-demure seems a really uneven colour very patchy even trying to cover it perfectly!!! Same as winter glow guys have any tips to perfect these colours???
I usually do three layers for the really pale ones x
I did this yesterday on be-demure but I still wasn't 100% happy.... My client was fine and loved it but I hate it when they leave and I'm not happy! Shame as I love the colours of all the pale pinks just not the final finish [emoji22] x
They're a nightmare, each of the 3 pale pinks, Be Demure, Cake Pop and Winter Glow are all terrible to Polish.

It's OK saying using 3 coats but does that mean we should charge extra for product and time - I dread doing them tbh!
Same.... Always try to say ooooh this looks good try to change their minds!!!! Glad it's not just me... But yeah it's another layer and more time but guess it's not their choice to have 3 layers, so I don't charge extra! As never think they look 100% anyhow so can't charge more!
It is an absolute pain!! I also do three layers on Nordic Lights!
I tend to do that over either tango passion or Rock royalty! Same as the new sparks fly, was so excited to get that then the disappointment with it being so see through! Have love and hate for cnd at times x
Ah will try that thanks hun! X
A good tip it to do a white under the pale pinks
Worth a try yeah!! Thanks
Yes, some colours definitely need 3 coats especially the pale ones.
Poison plum is another 3-coater
Nordic lights & tutti frutti - put a close dark colour on first, then 2 coats colour
Yes under Nordic Lights and Sparks Fly you need another dark colour underneath, I was quite disappointed with Sparks Fly too, it's really wishy washy :(

I don't actually charge extra as it's not the client's fault but it's very annoying, why teach that it's only 2 coats for the perfect polish when it actually isn't - I'm sure not this amount of us are that incapable of polishing 'correctly'? :(

Will try doing the white underneath, sounds a good idea thanks! :)
Yes works a treat with all the ' pain in the bum ' colours the colour swatches are so wrong on the final result too!
Sparks Fly and Nordic Lights are not actually Opaque colours, cannot remember what it says on the box.....semi-sheer ?! sure someone on here can confirm, so probably why a third coat is needed to get the desired effect. Xx
Yeah they are nice over the top of others, I was just moaning about the pale pinks... Just making sure I wasn't the only one with the problem! Which is reassuring to know I'm not thankfully!!
I can deal with All the others just have this hatred towards the pale pinks!!! But I'll get over it hahaha [emoji35][emoji12]
I seem to have this problem with mint convertible and everyone seems to be asking for it at the moment :confused:
Yes works a treat with all the ' pain in the bum ' colours the colour swatches are so wrong on the final result too!
Yes, when I was in Sweet Squared the lady in there said the pictures were often done with 3 coats... Very disappointing!!
Same prob for me with mint convertible and sun bleached! In fact thinking bout it quite a lot of colours huh!! [emoji16]
Cake pop to me feels like tipex! I give it a really aggressive shake and warm it between my legs before using it it seems to help it not be so gloopy. And I do three coats x
I was disappointed with sparks fly on its own then on Saturday I did it over tropix it was beautiful now in love [emoji177] hate cake pop it's really streaky

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