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Dec 28, 2015
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Hi fellow salon geeks!
I'm new to salon geek and have recently qualified in Shellac nails (exciting!!).
I'm hoping to start advertising properly next month as a mobile technician but I can't decide on my prices. I'm interested to hear any fellow mobile Shellac technicians' advice/tips. How much for manicure, pedicure, removal etc?
Any feedback much appreciated
I've only been qualified in Shellac for a few months, so I started my pricing a bit less than the average for my area. As I get better and more confident I'll increase a little bit.
Have a look at the local average for shellac where you live, it's a great place to start.
Also take into account your service costs.
Then I think it's a case of charging what you believe you're worth? Don't under price, you're providing a service people can't do for themselves. But don't out price yourself either!
Good luck xxx
Congrats on your recent qualification X

Definitely what Makenna says!

Once you've calculated your costs and what you need to charge, I'd offer an introductory price to build a client base and help you with timings, practice, etc.

But it's very important to underline to your ladies that it's an introductory offer so that when you start charging full price, there are no shocks involved [emoji23]

It's tempting to price cheaper from the off and stay there. You might be busy, but you get stuck in a situation where you can't up your prices too steeply because clients don't like that.

Not to mention your profits won't be as large.

Don't forget that you're qualified in and use a premium product range, so charge premium prices [emoji8] xx

Look into pricing in your local area as everyone else has said... I think I started at £18 for shellac as an intro price for the first 6-8weeks. Then from mid November onwards I put it up to £22 :) I haven't had any issues with clients as I always explained it was an ibtro price and I still offer one special every month, I just change it month by month and this seems to keep the moaning at bay :) xxx
At the salon I work at they charge $37CAD for a gel polish manicure and a gel polish pedicure is $45CAD. At home I charge $35 for a gel polish manicure ☺

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