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Lisa S

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Jul 10, 2010
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I have a 'new' client coming to me next week who normally has gel nails. She wants to try Shellac instead, but said she normally has an overlay of gel with 'angel dust' or a very fine glitter with it and asked if I could do something similar with the shellac and strawberry smoothie. HELP!!! How do I do the glitter with shellac, and have any of you heard of this Angel Dust. Thanks so much for any help. Lisa x:rolleyes:
Forgot to ask also - would the CND Effects work similar as a glitter, or do they change the colour of the shellac. Thanks!!
Some of the Effects will change the colour as they have colour in the base if that makes sense. The new Silver and Gold ones I think would be great for what you want.
There was a tutorial on rockstar nail's. That was with shellac and glitter, it's fab. You should be able to do a search on it.

It has everything you'll need, you can just watch the clip.
ive done this a couple of times and found if you do it too thick it will come off very quickly and peel on the ends.

I mix my fine glitter with my shellac top coat till i have a paste. I then brush on with a little art brush and refine my smile line with a fresh manicure stick. Don't be afraid to do it really thin, cure and then do it again once more to get even coverage. It takes some practise but you can do it. Btw Silver look fab! :hug:
Thanks for all your replies, its always great to get such good advice x

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