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Jul 26, 2010
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a few but not all of my customers are not getting the two weeks out of there nails, i have done the same ladies nails twice now and last time for free as she did not get the two weeks another is back in tomorrow only after a week and three have lifted already ? and then more clients are getting three weeks out of the shellac any one help me ?:!:
different clients use their hands/nails in different makes a difference to how they know that Shellac works/lasts because of the clients that are what makes you think its the product or you....? did you apply it good to some and rubbish on others....?...did the Shellac change formula on one client to another...? of course not..:lol:...its the clients hun.

Also it can take a while for some clients to adjust to a new system/product, they have to adjust and learn to use their hands differently...those who sometimes start with problems will after a while be problem free.
Fraid that no matter how fabulous a product is .. and Shellac is the bomb ... it is not steel and if clients are pickers or scraping their nails on things then they are going to harm the otherwise perfect surface.

I wear Shellac all the time week after week and change every 3 weeks, but I have grated some off when cooking and grating cheese. I have cut through the Shellac with a sharp knife .. It happens!! No different with anything.

Shellac will wear with normal wear and tear for up to 3 weeks no problem if applied 'thin to win' (never thick) and barring mishaps that would spoil anything.

Most women can't make a manicure last perfectly for more than a few hours or days never mind 2 weeks. They should be thankful they are getting so much time out of the manicure. NO freebies unless you know you are in the wrong.
just explain that everybodys nail are diffrent!it ''could'' last up to 3 weeks but it isnt guaranteed for this reason! that way u dont end up out of pocket :) ps shellac sandwiches all round at geeg's house :lol: xx

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