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Jun 23, 2011
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Hi all!
Really im just wanting some clarification,
I have searched and searched to try and work out my cost per set of shellac (im planning on purchasing very soon but wanted to work out my profit per treatment)

So, on the CND website I have read;
Base Coat = 35
Color Coat = 20
• French Pinks = 40
• French White Tip = 50
Top Coat = 20

But after searching (on here) I have also read it has now changed to 10 per bottle? :|

Is this right? How many do you find you get per bottle?

Im just wanting some clarification, because shellac is pretty cheep in my area and after working out cost per treatment it is barley worth it for me.

Any advice/replies much appreciated :)

They state 10 per bottle now due to newbies putting on too thick and wasting product.

The amounts per bottle you have are correct for the experienced shellacker.

Don't be put off by prices, you will soon be making it back, trust me!

Contact S2 and they will give you the exact figures in sterling.
0845 210 6060
You will make money there is no doubt about that. It speaks for itself and once clients know there is a good technician offering Shellac and competitively priced they will keep coming back.
Once you are more experienced in application you will get more out of your bottle too! x
20 coats per colour bottle would be equal to 10 full services. i..e. two coats of colour
Thankyou for the replies! I feel a little happier now! :)

And ReVivebeauty i was under the impression that the 20 was 20 sets, not 20 coats? Is this right?

I cant wait to start it!! But some people in my area are charging £12.50!! If its real shellac or not I do not know!
It's very difficult to give an exact amount as if you are using the colours for layer your only doing maybe 1 coat but if you are doing a standard application you will be doing 2 coats.
The up to date info for services per bottle are,
Base 7.3ml 35
Base 15ml 59
Colour 7.3ml (2 layers) 10
Top Coat 7.3ml 20
Top Coat 15ml 40
Hths :hug:
......its 20 coats.......approx 10 sets although you will definitely get more from the bottles as long as you shake well, clean necks properly etc.

Shellac is a premium service and should be charged as such. You will probably find those offering for £12.50 are unlikely to be using the correct system, products etc. If indeed they are offering the 'real deal' then they are unlikely to be in business for very long.

Thankyou for your replies! :)
Totally happy now!
Does £18 sound alright for shellac overlay? Iv had a search around my local area and on average it ranges from about £10-£25?

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