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Jun 6, 2011
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Hi geeks,

Having a bit of a disaster. I, for some reason turned down a tan swap with my friend in favour of using the Sienna gradual tan. Well I'm paying the price this morning as I have tan all over my palms and in between my fingers! I did wipe over my hands with a baby wipe after I had finished applying but I guess as its one of those moisturiser types it had already sunk in.

Anyway, anything you can suggest that'll get it off my hands? I've used a tan exfoliator and even a nail file to try and buff it off but it didn't work :(

Rhiannon x
Even when it says on the package "wash hands thoroughly after use" (implying you can apply with bare hands) i always wear gloves!! Even wash off tan is a nightmare to get off your palms lol
You could try tan removal wipes, I've also heard nail varnish remover works a bit?? Not tried it though!
Il be interested to see what people say as I've got patchy hands and feet at the mo lol

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I don't know why I didn't do the tan swap with my friend?! I sprayed her then said no to her spraying me! Stupid stupid stupid!

I'll try the nail varnish remover thank you. I've got a new client this morning I really hope she doesn't notice!
Rhiannon x
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Isn't lemon juice supposed to break down tan as well?? May have just made that up :-\
Don't worry Im sure your client won't notice :p

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I make a wee scrub for my friend and it works for her...2 parts white granulated sugar, 1 part honey and a good splash of lemon juice. Wet hands then (lightly) rub hands with the mixture for a minute, pat dry and follow with a good hand cream or oil :)
Whitening toothpaste usually gets it off my hands and any patchy bits. But I have heard lemon juice gets it off too. x
Thanks guys, just got back from my clients house I don't think she noticed. Will be trying these out now so I'll let you know what works.
Rhiannon x
try a buff wipe which is very effective or alternatively put a small amount of baby lotion on your palms and rub your hands together

Again alternatively nip out and get a tin of pineapple slices and using the slices mush them between your palms as this acts as a good means of ex foliation and breaks down the tan also

Alternatively ...wear a pair of gloves till its faded away :eek::lol::hug:
Just soaked my hands and feet in a bowl of warm water with salt and lemon juice and used exfoliating mitt.....definitely helped! Found it on Google lol

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Baby oil gel will take it right off :) x

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