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Feb 9, 2004
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thinking of getting an airbrush

1) seems like many of you prefer the Iwata B. I'm thinking of getting that? Any other suggestions? The best price ive seen was $160. is that good?

2) may look on ebay for it... what are all the parts needed? i know you ned the airbrush and compressor. anything else i should get?

3) what kind of paints to use? i think i read somewhere that its just acrylic, but im wondering if some acrylics r better than others (like clogging, coverage, etc)

The only advice i can give you to this question is to take a course. At least that way you will know how the gun works and you get everything you need to go with it and more.

I haven't looked back since doing my course, its great fun and the design's look amazing!


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I have to say, i love my HP-B, never given me any probs.

I have a great guide on how to choose your equipment, look after it and promote your airbrushing, its normally £1.00 but i will happily send it free to any geeks who will PM me their address. :biggrin:

Please take your time when getting into airbrushing, i am scared to add up the amount of money i have wasted on bad guns, compressors that dont last, paints that are to thick etc etc, i would hate for any of you geeks to make my mistakes. :mad:

Airbrushing is great fun, very addictive, and now is the time for body art to!

the only other thing you'll need is the hose,but that sometimes comes with the compressor.You might want stencils as well!
I've got the iwata hp-b airbrush and the iwata compressor.In nthe uk, it's about £110 for the airbrush and about £300 for the compressor.
You're best off using the paints that are specially made for airbrushing, as they're mixed to the right can use acrylic paint, but you need to water it down so it's almost like milk.However,these tend to clog your airbrush more easily, so i wouldn't advise it!
I agree with Vicky as well. If you can get yourself on a course, then do, cos it not only teaches you how to airbrush, it also shows you how to clean it all properly,how to take care of the needle etc.
It really is loads of fun airbrushing, and you can let your imagination run wild!! Have fun !
Thanks for the info.

Was wondering since I was thinking of just getting the brush now, in case the course wants me to buy their brush and dunno how long it would be to ship. But you know what I mean, I really want to just buy a good brush and not mess with any bad ones.

It seems like everyone wants the Iwata HP-B so I'll hafto look into that!

Chocolate - I live in the US. Would you send it here?
No prob, we ship all over the world. Postage is normally about £20.00 to send an airbrush international. I didnt realise you were in the usa, i was gonna offer you a free place on my next airbrush course. You can if you want though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
Chocolate - L20.. is that a lot? I don't want you spending a lot to just send me it. That to me sounds like $20.. and to me thats a lot LOL. And thanks for the invite. Those dates dont work though and actualyl i AM thinking of heading to europe this summer... but probably wont!

Ok I been looking up the airbrushes more... I wish theyd make it easier and just give me a whole set but apparently you have to buy things separately. So the best price so far I've found for the Iwata HP-B is $80 (very very good!)

So i clicked on compressors, Searched for Iwata and come up with nothing! So ther are like 10 compressors on this page and well I dont know what any of them means.

If anyone is bored and wants to give some advice:

This site tends to be pretty cheap and when isaw the first prices i thougth my eyes would pop out! Naturally i am drawn to the cheap ones at the bottom LOL but my worry is that these wont be much bang for their buck. While i Don't care much for quietness, I'm not sure I'd want something that woudl screw up either.

I mean, what is oilless? I'm assuming dont have to oil it? What sort of compressors do you all have?

as for hoses, no theyre not included.. but there are 2 kinds - braided and flexible. To me flexible sounds maybe longer and more manuverable but braided sounds sturdier.. any preferences!

i hate bothering u all but i dunno. I just dont have much money to screw aroudn with! ill just have to buy stuff over a period of time.

thanks in advance!

Great site Jackie

THey have compressors tooo and i'm thinking of this one

chocolate - i cant find yourwebsite. I'd love to order from u too ... wait, im in the us ARGH. well, whatever works lOL at least i could have a looksy.

If you get stuck, PM me and i will send you a disc, or can email

[email protected]

Thats our web company, they have the computer brains, i just stick to nails!
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