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Jun 14, 2013
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I've done a search and can't find exactly what I'm looking for, however I'm sure it's there somewhere, so if anyone else can find it sorry for this post!!

I have an up coming trades test where I will have to do a back, neck and shoulder massage and a skin analysis. The massage i am fine with, but the skin analysis makes me a little nervous, especially being watched!! In college we just did some very basic tests during a facial, for elasticity, circulation and muscle tone after completing a cleanse, bit I feeling it needs to be a bit more detailed, so this is what I was thinking.

Q&A about medication, current skin care and make up, uv exposure.
Test skin tone, circulation, etc.
Identify any problem areas and suggest products to help.

I don't know what equipment will be available, but I'm assuming at the very least ill has access to a mag lamp! Does this sound about right? Is there anything else I should be including?

Sorry for the waffle!!

A x
As a skin therapist analysis is a very important part of a facial. It is key to making decisions about the correct skin treatment programme. There is so much to look out for and in my opinion shouldn't be just "touched upon" when training. Health history is where you must start and everything must be recorded. This will include medications, medical conditions, allergies etc. Then there's skin types and skin conditions which I would encourage you to read up on as this is often overlooked. There's contraindications, skin abnormalites, pigmentation, redness, home care products etc etc. Really there is alot of homework to do here and if I were you I would be reading up on everything skin related not just to make an impression on your upcoming test but for yourself as a therapist. We owe it to our client to provide them with the best service possible. Good luck.
Just a thought, you could try looking on YouTube I'm sure there'll be some videos on there of a skin analysis to give you a few pointers x
Look at the skin in a meticulous way.
Don't just give it a generalisation of 'the forehead is oily' - break the forehead into 3 parts left/middle/right. There may be more oil secretions or congestion in the middle rather than the side.
Feel the texture, is it rough, smooth? Are there any oil secretions you can feel with your fingers?

Just be concise with what you do, do it slowly and be descriptive with what your findings are.
Remember you can only 'say what you see' (bit of Catchphrase there) but be careful with your wording. Don't say slack skin, say loss of elasticity etc.

Bar that, if you're still unsure you're just going to have to blag through it. I'm sure you will be fine
Something I remember we done in college for skin analysis was mention any pustules (white head spots) and papules (red spots with no heads) and comedones (for blackheads).

Along with the other comments above I think that will cover your skin analysis.

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