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May 8, 2021
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I’m searching for the best course options. Im based in London and I feel there’s not a big selection of schools offering ITEC/CIBTAC ?! But most of all I’m stuck on whether to do CIBTAC, ITEC/VTCT and go as far as CIDESCO. All I know is that I want to study Level 4 Advanced Aesthetics, and hopefully get as far as Level 5 one day if the industry calls for it! My confusion is what qual to choose for L3 that will give me a good foundation for skincare, anatomy, and electro treatments for face and body. any course that adds in Nails is ok, but not fussed about makeup. Anyone can help?!
Hi Fab Beauty.

I trained on a CIBTAC/CIDESCO combo and that gave me a good foundation for level 4. I’ve employed VTCT qualified college trained staff. The only qualification I’d rate is an Advanced Diploma.

I’m not familiar with ITEC level three skincare training, but complementary therapists that are ITEC trained are very good imho Ultimately I’d say it is about the quality of trainer - so train with someone who is delivering Level 4 level skincare and above, with other students with similar aspirations, rather than with students who are horrified to discover that beauty isn’t all Barbie’s nail and make up beauty salon.

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