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Jul 14, 2013
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I've been umming and ahhing for weeks now, trying to decide on a waxing system to use. I need to actually just get on with it, so decided to just get a little heater and some wax pots, that I can use for the bit of treatment I'll be doing but it doesn't have to be a long term solution. Please can anyone advise something to start me off? thanks x
Personally I always prefer the 1000cc wax heaters rather than the smaller ones and digital gives you much better temperature control.
Some brands offer starter kits than include a heater with a basic start up range, but it's easy to put together a kit for yourself.

There are loads of threads on here about heaters and products so hopefully you find something that suits.

Good luck
Thank you for your reply. I have looked as so many. I'll do another search on here and see if I can decide.

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