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Sep 22, 2019
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Hi everyone so I’ve been doing intimate waxing for quite some time now, I’ve only ever used hot wax on the intimate area, the only time I’ve used strip is if I’m running low and I use it around the thigh and top of the area. When I get to the inner part, always hot wax. So we have ran out of hot wax since before Christmas, my manager must of forgot to order more, and there’s been postage strikes anyway, but anyway… I come back and I have lots of waxes in, and no hot wax. So I’ve been panicking like mad, I’ve had clients say they don’t want it on the middle area and The clients I’ve done it on I’m so disappointed in myself. I had one Asian lady with very thick dark hair and I wanted to cry the strip wax would NOT come off that area! 😩 I made a right bloody mess. Can anyone please give me some tips on how to wax with strip if this ever happens again (hopefully not) or can you just not use strip on that area? My manager said to do so but I’m really not liking it. I must admit I don’t feel like I’ve done a good job and I’m waiting on them to call up or something.
I personally prefer the non strip wax for intimate or sensitive areas and it does make a difference for a lot of clients. If you are the same and feel more comfortable using the non strip wax then I would continue as you want to make sure you offer your clients the best possible treatment and if you dont feel that the strip wax is best in those circumstances then it probably isnt x
Oh poor you! Yes you can strip wax. Stretching is key and prepping the skin perfectly. It’s not unreasonable to remind your manager that you are not trained in intimate strip wax removal techniques and to ask for training support.

Keeping pants on and pulling them side to side can help you reveal only the area you want to wax and pull everything else to the opposite side. You can’t wax large sections of hair and you must stretch and support the skin on three sides. The client’s hand must be placed firmly beside the area you are waxing (over the labia and vulva) with her thumb stretching above and her other hand should be used as well on the stomach. You need to put your supporting hand down by the tail and stretch downwards firmly. You have to put your hand where you need to - that’s another reason why pants are helpful, it feels less rude.

Bond, bond, bond and Remember to zip the strip off at a 180° angle and not pull up towards the ceiling.

There are issues to consider here including insurance cover and reputation. It’s no way to treat your regulars, but don’t panic. Remember that 20 years ago there weren’t any courses and we just had to give it a go, with our clients encouraging us! I remember my manager telling me that she started off doing what we would call a g string and building her confidence and skill before moving on to Hollywoods.

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