Some New Nail Art Piccies


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Jan 12, 2003
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Dubbo, Australia
This is a simple set done with a striper brush & small round brush... in autumn colours cause it's autumn here... for another few days anyway....


These are a bright set of 'Springtime' nails I did on a client recently:

fantastic as usual :D
did you do to the melbourne expo Michelle? i had hoped to go but couldn't make it... :( maybe next time
Michelle they are lovely. I can't seem to get my stripes to turn out like that. I'll keep trying.

I love when you guys show off your pictures. I print them out and try....and I say try to do something similar.

Again great work
Beautiful work, I really like the simple striped set.
did you do to the melbourne expo Michelle?

Hi Jane

Unfortunately I didn't make it either :(

I had every intention of going but was stuck at my other job for longer than expected...

Are you going to the International Beauty Expo at Sydney in August??
they are beautiful michelle your work is fantastic keep posting the pics

Great plans always go astray :(

At this point I'm hoping to be in Sydney, depends on kids, work....u know the drill

Anyway keep up the good work, I love seeing your pics 'cause i cant do nail art, just dont have it in me no matter how hard i try :cus:
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