SP lashes on yourself?


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Aug 15, 2011
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Do you any of you put lash Semi permanent lash extensions on yourself?!
I've tried and failed miserably! Too Fiddly and at the wrong angle!
Of any of you can do it, how?
I know a girl who said she does her own that's why I tried.
Quite new to doing them on clients so I suppose I'm not gonna get the hang of doing them on me yet!
I have done it in the past, it's very
Tricky and I feel that they never look as good as they do on clients & they don't last as long ;-( x
Yeah I gave up when I tried!
Hiya i do my own and it takes me a while ( i even have a break in the middle as i do one eye at a time on myself ) they don't look as good as ones on clients ones and they don't last that long (non one notices that they are not perfect except for me unless it was a fellow professional lol). I do them using the eye open method as that's how a tutor taught me. xx
Yikes I have tried but just can't do it. I do sometimes put them on using the express technique so i don't need to isolate. Still takes me hours though lol

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