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Jun 14, 2003
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Has any done this course as Im thinking about booking myself on it but wonder if its really any good.

Its quite cheap but you need to buy art kits on the day which doubles the price.

If its not very good is there an alternative? :?
I have wondered about this course myself. I think the Sudo course look best, but I need to get the money first.
I've done the Spangles course - it was the last day of my total technician course with Star Nails. I found it really fun and the training wasn't bad at all :) . Managed to do a good dozen or so nails with all sorts of designs on them by the end of the day and couldn't wait to get home to try a load more. Once you get going it's amazing what sort of designs you can achieve. So although I wouldn't recommend Star Nails' other products I'd definitely recommend the nail art side of their business - it's the only area of training that I did with them where I feel I don't need to do again with someone else! :rolleyes:
I did a 10 week course at an adult learning college, only £30 and it was brilliant. She showed us everything and helped us all really well, I would certainly recommend it.
hi ive done the su do airbrushing nail art course, that was good, but need loads of practice and its totally different to the nail art spangles do.......i did some nail art at the local college but im thinking of going on a spangles day at the end of july.......
vicx :D
hi all
i did the spangles nail art course and learnt loads of tips and tricks i thought it was really a good course and enjoyed it loads

:D :D :D :D
hi both me and my friend did the spangles nail art course it was about £50 and then another £50 for the kit on the day, the training was'nt that good i did'nt think but it does give you an idea of what sort of stuff they do , i just wish i had kept the £100 and put it towards a creative airbrush course but never mind.
hi ive decided against the spangles day, i bought the rio nail art kit from argos £25, came with loads of bits of nail art stuff, striper pens etc and a video......its really good.....vicky
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