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Aug 2, 2007
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Dorset, UK
Hi All,

I completed my NSI / Sparitual pedicure course yesterday, It was great and I really enjoyed it :)

I'm also training with NSI to do my l&p and UV Gels, I was going to concentrate on doing fingernails first and get products for pedicures later as its all very expensive to buy in one go (going to be a mobile tech)

anyway, a few people have already asked if i will do them a pedicure....So i do need to get some products as I dont want to say no to people as they will go elsewhere! Im not sure which products to get, all of the sparitual range is lovely but obviously I cant afford to buy all of it!

does anyone else use it? and what products would you say were essential? I can add more to my kit as i go along...

Your advise would be appreciated!
hiya i love it too what i did though at firstwas just to buy the massage lotion instead of the oil and just buy the scrub that YOU really like the smell of (i find the favourite is the brown one) also get all the small sizes, you can refill the bottles later, this might save you a few quids then after a couple of treatments you can put the money towards the other stuff and in bigger sizes
Hi Joolz

I think I will buy the small sizes first and just a few bits, I like the smell of the pink one! LOL cant remember the name! Then as I earn a bit of money I can start to add more things!

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