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CW Lashology

Feb 9, 2015
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Hi all,

I am booked to go on my spmu training with finishing touches at the end of the month and I'm just trying to figure out this licence malarkey and it is driving me nuts!! Can anyone help me and tell me what they did? I'm most likely going to be working in a borough that I do not live in does that mean I have to be registered to both councils? Also if I'm working in a shop do I need to do the premises licence? I swear I have not stopped bloody worrying about this!! Any help would be greatly appreciated xxxxx
You register in the county you are going to work in only. If you are mobile (I don't think that's possible with SPMU) then you register where you live. Yes you need the premises licenced too. There are 6 different types of licencing models, so hopefully you only have to pay once. Some councils you have to pay every year or every 5 years.
No it's the borough of the area you will be working from if you are planning on going mobile from different salons then will have to apply for a licence at each premises x

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