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Aug 31, 2015
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South Wales (from Skipton, North Yorkshire)
Hi guys, not sure if I can ask this on here but here goes. I need some advice and what better people to ask than the professionals :) I'm going on a long weekend (5 days) away to Spain in September, I have pale skin and don't tan in the sun very well. What I wanted to ask is if I had a spray tan before I go will it be ok and not go funny. I had one years ago for a holiday and it went awful but I'm more experienced with tan now, so know I need to exfoliate and keep my skin moisturised. Also what is the best make to use. Any advice is much appreciated, thanks xxx
Spray tans have come on a long way in the last few years. I think the trick is to go to a reputable tanning therapist that uses one of the higher end brands that does a thorough consultation beforehand, not cheap & cheerful that chucks on the cheapest brand possible :) I'd look for a therapist that stocks a range of different percentages too- again not someone with a 'one shade fits all' attitude.

Most of the bigger brands also have retail ranges that prolong the tan, including body washes, moisturizers and scrubs to help them fade evenly so keeping them moisturized afterwards helps the longevity, but be aware that if you are swimming a lot its going to fade quicker. I would say deffo give it a go! You could always have one done now as a trial run ( I always suggest tan trials to my brides for example) as that way it will put your mind at rest before your holiday. I use Moroccan Tan which comes out really brown imo- I find Sienna X very golden & I personally dont like it but its one of the biggest brands in tanning. Its just personal choice :)

Give it a go! I love both spray tanning and being tanned, they really have come along way from the old days haha. xx
Also, forgot to say that a spay tan wont give you any sun protection, so if you are prone to burning remember to keep applying the sun lotion xx
Bless you thanks for the reply. Yes defo don't want to be really brown just something to take the whiteness away. I will do a little research and find the best person xxx

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