Spray tan or body wraps?


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Sep 26, 2010
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Hi geeks. I would like to add a new treatment to my menu but a bit unsure. I am torn between Sienna X spray tans and Shrinking Violet body wraps? Which would you choose?
I currently offer Nails, lashes, hd brows and waxing.

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For me I would choose spray tans x
I would say wraps! I get so many clients booking in for wraps!! And they are absolutely loving the results and keep coming back for more! Xx

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Spray tanning is very profitable and takes 10 minutes to complete the treatment (after practice and once set up) i wouldnt personally train with sienna though. Not sure what your client base is like either mine are mainly younger girls so spray tans are very popular and theirs so many people offering them now its hard to be competitive with price! Most people around my area charge only £10 per tan but salons here will charge £25. I use suntana and charge £20 for a spray tan and profit nicely from it. Its a beautiful tan and the colour i would say is spot on from when i used sienna x! The only difference being my profits are now higher. I dont rate sienna they are a good company with nice products but u can get a solution with exactly the same results for a lot less. Before u do the course research prices for tans in ur area and decide how much you are going to charge and then how much ur solution is going to cost you not forgetting extras like hair nets, barrier cream if you use it, sticky feet pads and couch roll :) x
Thanks for your advice :) Still undecided but I will look at other spray tan companies too.

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I was unsure what tan to use Nouvatan was regarded very highly on here so I called them.... Great customer service brilliant training and the tan is amazing the best I've ever had and most natural!

Good luck

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