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Aug 19, 2010
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Hi Everyone,

I have just completed my spray tan training and when I trained we used Fake Bake.

There are so many tan solutions to choose from and I know people have their preferences but I wanted to try a few on friends and family so I can see the results.

Does anyone know where I can get some free samples from? It would be a big help, I really want to get this right :o

Any help is welcome!

Thanks all
Contact each company individually, do a search on here and you will find many different brands to choose from. Have fun testing them all :D

Fran x
Thanks Fran I will do that, it is so daunting starting out!!

I would recommend contacting, colin @ wow factor for a sample of the organics rapid tan and a copy of tantrick autum goldm its amazing! Also I would def get a sample of suntanas cherry n chocolate solutions and nouvatan! Personally I aint keen on sienna x! La tan will also send you samples, xen tan and celebrity secrets! They should keeep u busy for a while lol!

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