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Feb 22, 2012
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Just out of interest, when you try out a sample for the first time do you use it on yourself or clients? I've got some to try but was thinking of using them on myself to compare (not all at the same time :) - what do you do? x
I have used two samples on myself, but i mostly used my mum and a few friends that are spray tan junkies. Just because i knew i would get an honest opinion.
Personally I like to try them on myself so I can see exactly what it looks like throughout each stage. If I like it I'll then try on a friend of mine who has had lots of tans and I know she'll tell me what she thinks of it.
Rhiannon x

Ps - I normally just have it on my legs to try it.
Ive got some samples that im going to try on myself, on my legs so I can see how they get on. Im very pale too and have dry skin, so its good to see how they deal with it, and how orangey they are :)
Thanks for this, good idea to try only on legs. It'll save solution if its a good one!!! x

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