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Feb 2, 2008
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Isle of Wight
Good Morning All,

I need a little advice.
I did a tan on thursday and was embarrassed to pop up my tent and the back window has come away from the tent on the seam ( all the way along the width of the window!).
I'm gutted, I've been tanning for over 12 months and this is the second tent that this has happened.
Last time I phoned the company I bought it from and they sent me a replacement.
I don't think I'm doing anything wrong but I must be.......any advice?

when I did my training our tutor told us not to buy these tents off ebays or cheap companies, as they don't use the correct material made for these type of popup tents.

After a while the material gives as it's not strong enough, so maybe you need to look into where your buying yours from :)
I got the tent when I did my training with Tantrick. I need to have a look and see when they replaced it but I only did my training April 2009.
That's why I thought it was something I am doing wrong.
I'm really professional and I don't like getting a tent with a massive rip out also there is a chance of the spray getting out and leaving a mark on the wall etc, so I've had to tape it up :o

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