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Nov 22, 2015
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Hi does anybody know if I can train with fake bake and also use vita liberata products? I like both tans and would like to offer both once trained but abit stuck as to whether I'd have to train with both to use their products? I know I can train locally in Liverpool with fake bake so this seams the obvious choice for me, just in middle of emails with a lady from vita liberata finding out about training costs, location etc. sorry if this is a silly question, new to salon geek today and new to tanning in general. I'm qualified beauty therapist and nail technician but at college studying hair and media makeup. thanks in advance for any response x
You can train with who you like and use any other brand. X
You can train in any and use any with whatever kit you buy too! As long as you follow the brands guide lines n instructions you can't go wrong!
I went on the Fake Bake Liverpool course! It was an ok class, not as informed as I thought it might be, pretty much obvious stuff really! It didn't last as long as they say 9.30-3, as I set off home by 12! Tbh you could buy the kit n follow their you tube vid, that's all we did after a run through of all the products FB offer (theory). For £50 I thought it was best to train, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be! I bought the FB kit too as I'm a sucker for a name! It's pretty good! Once I've tried out my 60min n original think I'll try another brand. Loads of different opinions on here of which is best but by the sounds of it it's worth swapping and choosing your own fave, also different brands for different clients! Good luck x

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