Squishy Lunula!


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Sep 9, 2005
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South Shields, UK
I have a client at the mo that is a challenge to say the least!

She origianally came to me for airbrush french on her toes and a couple of appts later, said "Is there anything you can do with my nails?!?!?"

She is in her mid 50's going through a very stressfull time at the mo, but says she's had these problems forever.

On first consult she has fab nail beds! Beautifully long, consistant shapes, gorgeous C curve, parallel side walls and her cuticle area and lateral folds are in lovely condition.

Ok, that's the good stuff!

Her nails are very ridged, all like corrugated cardboard. They are neither very hard or very soft, but peel like crazy! The minute there is a mm of length on them then they just shred.

I decided to do manicures on them, as she doesn't really need any extra length on them due to the long nail bed. When doing the cuticle work I noticed the lunula area was really spongy! Just gentle pushing was causing the area to be visibly depressed.

Anyway we did a few manicures I prescribed solaroil for the flaking, but no improvement! She has admitted that she is pants at remembering her SolarOil!

Tried NNO's with a mm of capping and withing a week at the free edge they are splitered, shattered, broke, trashed!!!!!

She does type as part of her job, so this is obviously putting extra strain on the FE but some full time typists can have nice nails!

She's an absolute star, and has recommended so many clients to me, and says she has had so many techs and I've had the best results, but they're not good enough for me! I want to conquer this one!

HELP!!!!!! :green:
Peeling and splitting are common symptoms of dehydration so I think you have done the right things (lots of SolarOil and even a NNO). The NNO will most likely be the best option as that will prevent the peeling and lock more moisture into the nail, however regardless of future treatments, she need regular shed loads of SolarOil.

All Lunulas are squidgy as the lunula is nothing more than a partially formed nail plate. The longer the lunula, the more squidgy the lunula will be toward the eponychium because you will be closer to the proximal point of the matrix :)

My guess is that she has really long lunula or really thin (naturally) nail plates. The thinner the nail plate, the shorter the matrix.

Fun stuff really :D

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