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Oct 2, 2013
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Brisbane Australia
Hey everyone. I just completed my spray tan training and was wondering if any of yall can point me in the right direction of the very best solution available in Australia???? I have done a bit of research and I come across St Tropez professional and was wondering if any one has used it? It is the most exspensive on the market so I am assuming its good??? Help me out here peeps. Pm me. cheers jake.
Vani-t is amazing and Aussie bomb shell is the latest new thing
St Tropez is ok but it's VERY smelly. Very perfumed. And a 5 hour wash off, so not convenient for clients who want a rapid rinse time. It's not the best out there. There are a lot of good brands - naked tan, oz tan, black magic, Moroccan, vu tan, techno tan etc. I have tried Moroccan and it's lovely :)
I use mediterraneanTAN & SummerTan & im located in Melbourne, Australia :)
St Tropez all the way they do a classic mist perfect for those clients who want a natural tan, dark for those that like a deeper darker looking tan. They also now do the express mist which develops in 1,2 or 3 hours depending on how deep you would like your tan to look- which I've found perfect for those last minute tanners or those that don't like to leave it on over night. Hope this helps! X

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