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Jul 4, 2007
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haywards heath
hi all
has anyone got any experience of the star courses? I am wondering if the training will be enough to get insured etc.xx
are you talking star nails? Yes you can get insurance but imo their are a lot better courses out there and the products are, again, this is just imo not a patch on NSI or Creative. In your place, I would save my penny's and get the right training first time out.:hug:
thanks susie
but there are no courses in my area. star nails is the only one i have found in brighton!!
thanks susie
but there are no courses in my area. star nails is the only one i have found in brighton!!
If you contact the hyperium (probably spelled that wrong) :lol:group they will tell you the nearest center and NSI have educators all over the country usually working in their own salons, you go to them and either do a 121 course, this costs more but is tailored to your needs rather then the groups or you do a group course, no more then 6 people, the advantage of that is being able to see each others good and bad points. Young nails are another one and Le Chat. all of these can be found by googleing and then like I said phone the head office and they will put you in contact with the local educator. Good luck hun, I love training I learn so much on every course I do and I have met some very special peeps who never seem to get tired of all the questions I find to ask:lol:
Hi there,

You may find you'll have to travel a few miles to get the best training. But I have to say, and I think that many Geeks on here will agree, that it really is worth while traveling that extra bit to get it.

IMO choosing your training based on how close it is to your area isn't always the best way to go.

Think about what they have to offer you, products, training, technical support, their reputation etc.

Have a read through some of the threads regarding training. It's an expensive game if you make your decision too quickly with out researching first, only to find that you wished you had have gone else where.
I'll try and find you a couple of links.

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