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Jul 13, 2007
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I start my VTCT level 2 Nail Treatments course tonight and I can't beleive how nervous I am! I have been looking forward to this for weeks and now all the what ifs are starting! I know I just need to get a grip and all will be fine.

Will I be expected to wear my uniform the first night? I have brought it with me but don’t want to get changed as soon as I get there only to find that I am the only plonker sitting in the classroom in uniform. I love the uniform does that make me weird?

Thanks to all the people who have asked the questions that I have wanted to (or didn’t even know that I wanted to), and all the people who have answered them.

If its the first week then some people might have not received their uniforms yet, so take it with you, We didnt need ours until we started the practical. But then again if you turn up in your uniform and no one else does the tutor will know you really want to learn!! :green:

Personally I would wear the trousers and a plain top and take the tunic in your bag at least you can pop it on if every one else has theres if not then your just wearing a plain out fit.

Good luck hope you enjoy it I enjoyed mine!!

laura xxxxxxxxxx
Thanks that is what I will do, far too sensible for me to have thought of it myself in this state. LOL!

If you have already had your induction then i would wear uniform if not i wouldn't bother.
Good luck and i hope you enjoy it. I started last night!
hello, this is my first time on the site and i have a few questions i woudl like to ask about the course you are starting?

i started doing an NVQ in nail tec. at night college but after a coupke of months and working full time too, i found it impossible to do both, so i had to leave the course. i was wondering if anyone had had heard if there were any courses that happen at the weekends or a course you can study at home?

thanks harriet kaye
Hi Harriet

I am not very good with computers so I cant post links yet but there is some excellent advice on this site re training. There is a search facility at the top right hand side, put in training and you will get tonnes of threads. From what I can gather there is a training course to suit almost any situation but you have to do your homework to make sure that it is a reasonable one.



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