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Oct 6, 2015
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I'm new to this site and looking for some advice. I'm currently a secretary in the NHS so it's a secure job but I'm really wanting to go self employed as a mobile nail technician. I qualified 4 years ago for gels and just about to qualify for acrylics. Would be offering shellac too.

Do you think this would be enough to offer to clients? Just very nervous to leave employment. I have a very supportive husband but I'm just worrying!

Any advice would be appreciated

I'm a newbie to the nail gig too, I just looked at what was popular in my area. I don't know of anyone who has extensions or enhancements. Shellac is still pretty edgy for most people. So this made it easy to decide what I would offer. I have an extensive list of manicure/pedicures, everything from basic file and polish to exfoliation and paraffin wax.
I don't know if this helps much, I'm still nervous too! But if you know what's popular in your area you can work from that xx
Thanks for your help, it's just so scary but desperate to make the jump.

I'm going to do it around my job and try to build up a clientele and take it from there and if I have people asking for certain services then I can look into it from there. Fingers crossed I can do it

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