Starting beauty school


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I am going to be getting my diploma in beauty therapy. I am trying to decide on 2 schools. One I have to move interstate to and don't know too much however my boyfriend is moving there. That state has an industry shortage so there is actually a lot of work there. And course costs are cheaper at this school. It is also walking distance from my boyfriends house. The other one I have to stay in this state for. The school I am looking at seems really good and has a good reputation. The school is a bit of travel time but I know what I will get out of it. But I wouldn't be able to move with my partner for the duration of the course.

I honestly don't know what the better option is.

Don’t make a decision based on your boyfriend!!
If he really wants you to succeed and you’d are meant to be together it doesn’t matter what school you choose.

Choose the school you feel has more to offer, whether that be the treatments they teach, if they have an in house salon for students to practice on real clients. Etc

Research which school has the better outcome of successful students.

Which one is realistically going to be the one you can travel to and from without hating the journey 3 months down the line.

Which one has more qualified and experienced. Teachers who can guide you further. Etc

Hope this helps x