Starting NVQ2 hairdressing next year-how to prepare?


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May 28, 2013
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Fingers crossed, I will be starting my nvq2 in hairdressing next year. I already work full time in the finance sector so will be doing a Saturday course. I am not sure if I will start in September or earlier. It depends on which establishment I choose.

Anyway, I am eager to start learning what I can before I start. Can anyone recommend any DVDs for me to buy to practice at home? I am a novice so will be starting from scratch. I have heard good things about my

I need something that will take me through step by step so it will need to be pretty detailed.

Areas that might be good are: washing hair, setting, blow drying, basic cutting, etc.

What other equipment shall I buy? Maybe mannequins, combs, etc. Shall I just buy a college starter kit?

Thanks in advance.

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This was me last year im now starting level three. My best advise which is amazing is go to to wh smiths but nvq 2 and 3 books the 2 you get a cd. In these books the units are what are in your folder at college! Everything in them books are on your theory and assignment questions! :D
I agree with the above, I have this which is the 2012 edition

It has all the sections and underlining theory for the nvq2, you can also get study guides from habia and theres a cutting book & colouring book for nvq2/3 also but I might not get those until your on with the course.

Youll need to buy a student kit when you start so you may aswell get it now to play with. Hairdressing is obviously hands on so you can practicing now, like foiling with conditioner and rolling perm rods, doing up dos is a good way to understand hair growth and just being around hair.

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I was think the exact same thing! I hope to be starting next year too!
you tube- amazing free resource! read up on the theory- get an understanding of how colour works , learn sectioning, rollers, placement and even practice your foils- all that will put you ahead of the game! good luck x

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