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Aug 22, 2010
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Hi everyone,

I am brand new to the industry and the site so please be gentle with me :)...

I am 21 years old and have a very well paid job mon-fri which I love, but have just taken the plunge and am starting NVQ2 Beauty Therapy at college next weekend. This is something I have always wanted to do but didn't quite have the guts to until now!!

I am unbelievably nervous about college; who will be on my course, if I'll be even remotely good at it and what my next step will be (it will probably help you now to know that I'm a mad control freak and couldn't even start the course without having my next 10 years planned out :green:!)

My current plan is to do level 2 and move straight onto 3, but I was wondering when I will be able to start working mobile, just to get as much experience under my belt as possible. I will obviously be working on my friends and family (and maybe even the other half if he's feeling brave :wink2:) as practice whilst doing level 2 but was hoping to start slowly building a client base once I've completed level 2; does this sound reasonable? I did a lot of research before starting the course and went for one the tutors say I could complete in around 6 months, which I thought is a reasonable amount of time to rather than the ridiculously short 'fast track' courses.

I am also looking for advice on the branding of my mobile business. I am hoping to take on the Dermalogica range as it is a brand I love and so am prepared for the high start up costs in return for a product I am fully behind, and which I understand offer excellent brand training. The only problem with this is that I live in a town full of the sort of young girls who would rather pay £15 to get their nails done in the Chinese bars, spend £20 on 50p a minute sunbeds and wear strip lashes that they can't stick on properly:lol:! I am unsure whether I should be going down the 'maintenance route', targeting these girls and going for value (cheap!) services and products to bring in a large client base, or down the 'pampering' route by targeting the women who live in the surrounding villages and have a high surplus income, offering more luxurious services where I will end up with a smaller client base paying higher prices. Any thoughts on this?

I know this is a long way off yet but I am so excited to be doing something I've always wanted to do, and am a great believer in being prepared!! I have been following the site closely for a few months now to try and learn as much as possible and have only just plucked up the courage to post!

I would be hugely grateful for any advice you lovely people are happy to offer :) xxx
Hello and welcome to the site:)

After your training it would be beneficial to get some salon experience, even if it is just for 6 months. I have learnt a lot more from experience than any training course I have done. In a salon environment sales and timings are very important. Some people who go straight into self employment tend to be more lenient with their timings and not aim to push sales, but in our industry these are very important as time is money and retail is vital to enhance revenue.

Salon experience is a good way to see how other salons are successful as well as gaining new tips on how better your treatments. As beauty is very competitive it would be advised to learn from other successful, experienced therapists.

I would check if Dermalogica distribute to mobile therapists because as far as I know they don't, but I could be wrong
I would definately get some salon experience first, even if it is just a small local salon. like said above, timings and retail are really inportant and although you think you've got good timings when you qualify (and you have as far as college assessments go) but in a salon you will be suprised just how quick and efficient you need to be. dont panic tho as this all comes with time, trust me. Also if you go to a salon, chances are it will already be an established business, with clientelle waiting for you, so you've got plenty of clients to get your experience on to get your time down. After 6months you should be up to speed, and it will then be up to you whether you want to stay and gain more experience (always good on the CV and for future clients to know that you are experienced when you start on your own) also some salons will further your qualifications and send you on additional training to learn treatments that they offer that you don't get taught at college..
However if you go straight into self employment, you're going to have to build up your client base, so inturn it will take you longer to get up to speed on your treatments as you will not have as many clients to start off with if this makes sense??

When i left college i really wanted to start on my own straight away, but what i ended up doing was getting a full time job in a salon and doing mobile bits in my spare time, I've been at the salon 3years and now only work 2days as im working the rest of the week selfemployed mobile! I don't think personally i would've been as successful if i hadn't gone to the salon and got my experience and picked up different tips and techniques.

sorry to go on and on, obviously its entirely up2 u what you do, but i dont think you will regret going to a salon to gain some experience chick. its not gonna hurt.

wish you all the best in your course and future employment, whatever you decide!! :hug:
Thank you both for your advice.

I see your point about salon experience and this is definitely something I would be keen to do, although I'm not sure I should be leaving my current job straight after college in case things don't work out the way I hope. Do you think I would be able to get my treatment times down and gain sufficient experience working in a salon maybe one Saturday and a couple of evenings a week for six months+ ?

Do you think I would be able to secure a job in a salon once i've completed level 2 or would no-one employ me until I've done level 3? I am prob the most impatient person going so am desperate to get as much experience as I can as soon as possible!

I was even thinking about looking for a reception position in a salon straight away just to get used to the environment, do you think this would be useful?

Oh, and I have been advised Dermalogica have very recently changed their policies and now supply mobiles too...yay:green:!!

It did take me almost a year to actually get to work in a salon after i qualified in my level3, yet some girls on my course knew people in the industry and got experience whilst at college so went straight into a salon once qualified. I was not so lucky and a bit naive and just thought that i'd qualify and get a job! lol. so my biggest regret was not pushing for wkend/ evening work throughout my level2 and 3, as that way i would've got to know people in the industry and MAY have found it easier to get working straight away. as they say its not what you know its who you know!!! so get round all your local salons, make yourself known and show a really keen interest. explain what training you are now going to do and pop back throughout your level2 and 3, to keep asking if they have anywork that you may be suitable for. or phone. And then hopefully it'll pay off and they may just have an opening for u! you never know if you don't ask. :)
hth xx

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