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Hi Berry, i retake my pratical exams on march 17th...i let my license expire 5 yrs ago :hit: State Board isnt really all that hard. As long as you remember the steps to everything you will do fine. Study up on all of your tests from school and you will do well on the written exam. Some of the ?'s are simple and some are just plain stupid...and then again some will be tricky...of course your gonna be nervous until you get done because that is a "VERY BIG DAY" for you. Pull those practice fingers out and refresh yourself on your nail applications. Im sure you will do fine...GOOD LUCK!! :thumbsup:


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Jan 15, 2003
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Fairfield, Illinois, USA
I just thought I would let the board know that I go Monday to take my state boards. Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous. :pukeon: We (nail techs in Illinois) have 6 months after graduation to take the state board exam. I waited until it was in Springfield (March 3rd). I'm cutting it close, I'm hitting the 5th month mark. The other location was in Chicago in January. Most of my class went in January and just now got their scores back. Most scored average or less, which scares me, they were straight A students. Every three months it alternates location and I waited until March to take my test b/c it was closer than Chicago. So I guess if worse comes to worse I'll be retaking it again in Chicago in June. Sorry for babbling.

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