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Mar 23, 2006
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Hey guys, just looking for a bit of info, what causes hair to go all static? I have long fine hair, straight/bit of a wave. I have never had a problem with static before, but recently I can't even run a brush through the front bits (Usually, apart from if i'm going out in the evening, I tie my hair up and leave some 'face framing' shorter bits) without it standing on end :eek:

Could it be just the change in weather to rather more wintery (i'm in Scotland and it's freezing, with snow last night :)) ? The only other thing I can think of that I have changed recently is my shampoo. Spent over £20 on TIGI Fashionista Catwalk Shampoo & Conditioner, so I'm loath to think that I have to chuck it away! I did use a high street brand shampoo/conditioner that I had lying about this morning to see if that made a difference, but it's still a bit static (although maybe changing brands would take several days to see some effect).

Any thoughts guys??
Static electricity can be caused by lots of things from the shoes that you are wearing though to the weather. Dont just assume it is your shampoo. Check out if you have been wearing any clothes that are very staticy etc first. I think its rubber soled shoes that can also cause static ( i seem to remember getting a few nasty jolts off the shopping trolley last trip to Tescos for that reason)....
quick remedy... get a 'bounce / shop own tumble dryer' sheet and lightly run it over your hair

run a mental coat hanger over your hair

( proberbly best to do both / either of those in private of people with start to think strange things about you :lol:
use a brush that is made of rubber prongs not nylon ones.
Static electricity is cause when certain materials rub against each other - like wool on plastic or the soles of shoes on carpet.

Everything is made up of tiny parts called atoms, atoms are made up of even tinier parts cal protons, electrons and neutrons. Atoms are usually neutral, as they have the same number of electrons and protons. However, if things rub together electrons transfer from one atom to another. The first atom loses electrons and so has a positive charge and the second atom gains extra electrons, causing a negative charge. It is this change that causes static electricity, because they now have different charges they pull towards each other.

Static electricity is much more common in winter. When you pull your hat or hood off it rubs against your hair moving electrons from your hair to your hat.

It is much more likely to be changes in you behaviour and environment as a result of the cold weather, then your shampoo that is causing the static electricity.
I have not had problems with static hair apart from a lot of years ago when I found I had an allergic reaction to a fabric softener. There were no visible signs such as hives or rashes but the skin all over my body was prickly and yes, my hair was so static.
I forgot all about that when recently suffering with the same problem, not as bad as the last time but memorable similarities.

I moved into a new house 6 months ago and thought that maybe it was being caused by the cheapish carpets that came with the house (still intact sadly!) that is made of man made fibres and probably static. However, I only started to suffer with this repeated problem about 2 months ago in January (Winter?) BUT, at the same time, I had also decided to try the same fabric softener again as it was on a great special price. This brand of softener is a well known brand, on par with Comfort, and not necessarily deemed as a cheap brand,

I have, by now, probably washed and softened everything that I use regularly with this rotten fabric softener, ie towels, bedding and clothing. At the same time as my skin... and scalp, feeling prickly again, my hair became so static also.

So, although I understand and agree with the scientific explanation of electrons! I am convinced that this fabric softener contains sulphates and lots of other nasty chemicals that cause havoc to skin ... and hair!!

I am now washing everything again in everything NON bio and throwing/giving away the fabric softener!
I'll let you know what happens. It's still like Winter outside so Ill be able to compare within the same season.
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