Stays on better than Shellac or Gellux


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
I bumped into an old client today in town. Lovely lady, she hasn't been for a few months and as well as missing our chats, I wondered why, as you do.

Amongst other conversation she was somewhat embarrassed to admit she'd been going to another tech and tbh I've never seen her nails look so nice! All a good length and all intact with some growth and she goes every 3 weeks or so.

She's our idea of a nightmare lol, a very active horse rider and also by occupation a cleaner! So her nails do, by her own admission, take a bashing. I could never get her even to 2 weeks and we tried Shellac, and Shellac with Brisa lite, Shellac with Brisa sculpt and finally Gellux.

The new tech is using OPI gel, apparently there are 2 consistencies of gel which can be used beneath the colour and she has the thicker.

Is this the OPI gel colour system? Does anyone know more about it or use it with fan results? It's not one I've ever really stumbled across and with all my investment in Shellac, Brisa and Gellux, I'm as mad as a box of frogs that this OPI stays put better than anything.
*fab results. Won't let me edit
It sounds to me like your client is having hard gel overlays with gel colour on top. Did they look slightly thicker than usual? Obviously this will be much stronger than just gel polish and so able to withstand more.

I'm not that familiar with OPI products though so maybe someone else can advise better.

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